Friday, June 2, 2017

Dude's book review

Do you like reading action and mystery books? If you do, then The Mystery of the Cougar's Yellow Eye by Lance Fremont is the book for you.
With mild action and, of course, mystery this book should keep you interested. This is one of my favorite mystery books out there. The book was my Dad's from when he was a kid.  I chose this book to read because the words "mystery" and "cougar" caught my attention. The story is about a boy and his two cousins who are trying to find their family treasure, but someone is trying to steal it. Do you think that the cousins can get the treasure back? Is there a cougar in the story? This is an older book, and you may have to look several places if you want it.
If you are looking for something to read then I highly recommend this book.
What kind of books do you like?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Baby Girl's Review of Fly Guy Books

Fly Guy books are great for anyone, but I recommend them for kids.  The books are great for new readers because they have short, easy to pronounce words.  I am going to give a review on Hi! Fly Guy and Buzz Boy And Fly Guy.  The Fly Guy books are by Tedd Arnold.
Buzz Boy And Fly Guy is the first book I'm going to review.  It is mostly a comic book with a few pages that don't have the comic on them. I like this book a lot because Fly Guy is funny.
Hi! Fly Guy is the first book in the series.  It has short chapters that have easy words with full color pictures.
The books are about the size of a piece of printer paper, just perfect for small hands.
What's your favorite Fly Guy book?
Baby Girl

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hostile Mobs in Minecraft

Unfortunately, in Minecraft not all mobs are nice. Some are very aggressive. These are called hostile mods.

Creepers only spawn at night, like almost all of the other mobs in this post. they are the most well known mob in Minecraft. When they see you they will run straight toward you and when they are three blocks away from you, you have one and a half seconds to try and escape. The best way to defeat them is to use a bow and arrows to attack from a distance.

Useful drops: gunpowder.

Zombies are one of the few hostile mobs that burn in daylight. They inflict damage by touching you. They sometimes will attack villages in very large groups, and will turn the villagers into zombie villagers. To defeat them just throw potions of healing at them. (Potions of healing harm them and potions of harming heal them.)

Useful drops: rotten flesh, iron shovel (rarely), iron sword (rarely), carrot (rarely), potato (rarely), armor if equipped.

Skeletons also burn in sunlight and can attack from a distance because they have bows. To defeat them use their own weapon against them and use a bow to attack from a distance.

Useful drops: bones, arrows, bows, armor if equipped.

Spiders in Minecraft are the size of your player! Spiders are hostile at night and neutral (they won't attack you unless you attack them) at day. They are very quick and can climb up walls. The best way to defeat them is to get to higher ground and attack with an enchanted diamond sword.

Useful drops: string, spider eyes.
Cave Spider 
Cave spiders are smaller versions of the regular spider. They only spawn in abandoned mine shafts and sometimes find their way to the surface. They are quick and can also climb walls. Note that cave spiders are poisonous.

Useful drops: string, spider eyes.

Endermen are three blocks tall and will only attack you when look at them above their legs. With their ability to pick up and place blocks, they can build houses and Snow or Iron Gollums. Since they can teleport they make tough enemies. The best way to defeat them is to avoid looking at the upper part of their body while attacking their feet.

Useful drops: ender pearls.

Witches look a lot like villagers, but instead they have purple robes and wear a hat, have a wart on their noses, and their skin is grayer. When you are twenty blocks away it will throw a potion of slowness at you, which will slow you down by half of your average speed. As you get closer it will start to throw potions of poison and weakness, which do a little damage. When you are five blocks away it will throw potions of harming, which do a lot of damage. The best way to defeat a witch is to either shoot it from a distance with a bow or attack quickly with a enchanted diamond sword.

Useful drops: sticks, gunpowder, spider eyes, glowstone dust, redstone, glass bottles, potion of healing(rarely), potion of fire resistance(rarely), potion of swiftness(rarely), potion of water breathing(rarely).

Slimes spawn either deep underground or in swamps. They come in three sizes, small, medium, or large. If you kill a large one then it will split into three medium ones, then those will turn into three small ones. The best way to defeat them is to attack them with a sword while standing on a two block tall pillar.

Useful drops: slimeballs. 

Silverfish live in fake blocks called silverfish stone. The best way to defeat them is to attack them with an enchanted diamond sword.

Useful drops: nothing.   

Endermites are rare mobs that only sometimes spawn when you use an ender pearl or when an endermen teleports. They are not very strong, so all it takes to defeat them is one strike from a diamond sword.

Useful drops: nothing.

Guardians spawn underwater, normally near ocean temples. They shoot laser beams at you to damage  you. To defeat them pull them out of the water using a fishing rod and then hit them with a diamond sword a few times.

Useful drops: prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, raw fish.
Zombie pigmen
Zombie pigmen live in the nether, a world filled with fire and lava. They are a cross between a pig and a zombie and a skeleton. They spawn in large groups and carry gold swords. They are neutral and if you attack one the whole group will attack you. The best way to attack them is to stand on a two block tall pillar and attack with a sword. Note that they are immune to fire and lava and can spawn in the overworld if a pig is struck with lighting.

Useful drops: rotten flesh, gold nuggets, gold swords(rarely), gold ingots(rarely).  
Wither Skeleton
Wither skeletons also live in the nether, but only in nether fortresses (giant fortresses in the nether with winding hallways and lots of loot). They look a lot like regular skeletons, but instead of bows wither skeletons carry stone swords and are darker and a little taller. If they hit you with their swords it will give you the wither affect which is sort of like poison. To defeat it without getting the wither affect, stand in the back corner of a two block tall shelter and attack with an enchanted diamond sword.

Useful drops: bones, coal, stone swords(rarely), wither skeleton skulls(rarely).
Blazes are another mob that live only in nether fortresses. They look pretty much look like a flaming head with rods spinning around it. Since they can shoot fireballs the best way to defeat them is to throw snowballs at them from behind a wall with a one block hole.

Useful drops: glowstone dust, blaze rods.

Ghasts are the largest mobs in the nether. They are one of the four hostile mobs in Minecraft that can fly. They can also shoot fireballs. They will normally attack while floating over a lava lake so if you kill it, its useful drops will fall into the lava. The best way to defeat a ghast without burning its useful drops is to reel it in with a fishing rod and attack with a sword. It will probably shoot a few fire balls, but you can hit them back with your sword. They are immune to fire and lava.

Useful drops: ghast tears, gunpowder.

Magma cube
Magma cubes are a version of a slime in the nether. After you kill them they also split. Unlike the slime, magma cubes are immune to fire and lava. To defeat them use a diamond sword enchanted with knockback to push them off a cliff.

Useful drops: magma cream.

Wolves spawn in evergreen forests, snowy places, and in forests. They live in packs and if you attack one, the whole group will attack you. They are neutral until you attack them, then they will attack you.  It is best to just avoid attacking them.  If you find them chasing you, then tunnel under them and cover up where the entrance is so they can't follow you into the tunnel.

Useful drops: nothing  

Ender dragon 
The Ender dragon is the second strongest mob in Minecraft. It takes a long time to fight and deals a lot of damage. It can shoot bombs and acid at you. The best way to defeat it is to first shoot the crystals on top of the obsidian pillars. Then as the dragon swoops down toward you, place a bed on the ground and act as if you are going to sleep in it and it will explode in the dragon's face. When it flies away to heal, you can shoot at it with a arrows. Repeat this process until you defeat the dragon. When the dragon has been defeated it will explode in a purple explosion.

Useful drops: dragon egg.

Shulkers are shelled creatures that can shoot lasers at you. They have to open their shells to shoot lasers at you, so take advantage of this and attack the surface under the shell. They may shoot a few lasers at you, so you will have to hit the lasers off course with your sword.

Useful drops: nothing.

The wither is the strongest mob in Minecraft. To create a wither, make a soul sand structure in the shape of a upper case T then top it with wither skeleton heads.

When the wither is healing it will flash blue and will be immune to any damage.
Before you make the wither, construct a base made out of obsidian. It should have one block hole on the sides to shoot arrows through. When you spawn the wither, shoot arrows enchanted with sharpness at it from inside your base.

Useful drops: wither star.

You just read about all of the hostile mobs in Minecraft, So now you know how to defeat them and what they look like.

Which one will you hunt?
Dude, pictures by Baby Girl.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Minecraft Peaceful Mobs

Do you like Minecraft? In Minecraft the word mob means mobile which refers to anything that moves. Peaceful mobs will not attack you what so ever.
Pigs spawn in groups and then start to wander off. You can find them anywhere except the ocean and deserts.

Useful drops: pork,cooked pork if killed with a flint and steel, and saddle if equipped.  
Sheep also spawn in groups and are the prey of wolves. they also can be found anywhere but the ocean and deserts.

Useful drops: wool, mutton, cooked mutton if killed with a flint and steel.

Cows are another pack wanderer and are not very smart as they walk of cliffs. The only places they can not be found in are deserts and the ocean.

Useful drops: leather, beef, cooked steak if killed with a flint and steel, and milk if milked with a bucket.

 Chickens spawn in groups of one or two chickens. They can often be found in water and almost any where else. They also lay eggs every ten to fifteen minutes.

Useful drops: eggs, feathers, chicken, cooked chicken if killed with a flint and steel.

Squid spawn in groups of one or two. They can be found in oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Useful drops: ink sacs.

Mooshrooms are a cow infested with mushrooms. They only spawn on the rare mushroom island. They will turn into cows if they are sheared.

Useful drops: leather, beef, cooked steak if killed with a flint and steel, five red mushrooms, milk if milked with a bucket, mushroom stew if milked with a bowl.

Ocelots spawn in groups of one. They can only be found in jungles.

Useful drops: nothing.

Horses spawn in small groups and sometimes you may spot a baby. Horses only spawn in plains. They can be tamed and saddled. Horse armor and chests can be placed on a tamed horse.

 Useful drops: leather, saddle if saddled, horse armor if equipped, and chest if equipped.

Donkeys also spawn in plains and can be ridden, and be equipped with chests. They look a lot like horses but are a different color and have pointer ears.

Useful drops: chest if equipped, saddle if saddled, leather.

Mules also only spawn in plains, and are a cross between a horse and a donkey. They have the body of a horse but the ears of a donkey.

Useful drops: chest if equipped, saddle if saddled, leather.

                                                                  Polar Bear
Polar Bears spawn in groups of one and attack sheep and rabbits. They only live in colder areas.

Useful drops: fish.

Villagers live in, not surprisingly, villages, which can be found in deserts and plains. Each villager has a specific job, which I will talk more about in a future post. You can also trade with villagers and the trade almost always involves emeralds.

Useful drops: nothing.
Rabbits spawn in groups of about one to four rabbits. They live everywhere except the ocean and underground.

Useful drops: rabbit foot, rabbit hide, rabbit, cooked rabbit if killed with a flint and steel.

Bats are very common in caves, pits, and crevasses. They are the only peaceful mob that flies. (It is hanging upside down on the dirt in the center of the picture.)

Useful drops: nothing.
Wolves spawn in forests and prey on sheep and rabbits. A wolf will not pay any attention to you unless you attack it, then it will attack you back.

Useful drops: nothing.

You just went through all of the peaceful mobs in Minecraft. Now you can do whatever you want with them.

What one will you go after?

Dude, pictures by Baby girl

Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Make Fried Chex

Do you have braces and/or can't have popcorn? Then Fried Chex are the perfect snack for you.

Here are the instructions.
First, put 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of butter for every cup of cereal.  Put the butter in a pot and set the stove top to low or medium.
Stir the butter until it is fully melted.
While stirring, pour in the Chex.
Continue stirring while adding your desired amount of salt.
When the Chex are done, they will look slightly shiny from the butter.  If they don't look like this, continue stirring.  They should be a little toasty when done, but not burnt.
Then scoop yourself a bowl of these delicious snacks and enjoy!

What snacks have you made?
Dude and Baby Girl