Saturday, October 17, 2020

Easy Flip Ponytail

 This time around I'm going to show you how to do a hard-looking easy-to-do ponytail. (Sorry, the pictures are sideways.)

Start by brushing the hair until it is mostly snag-free. Longer hair works best for this style.
Take a portion of hair from the top of the head and put a hair elastic around it.
Split the hair above the elastic into two equal sections.
Push the ponytail from the bottom up through the hole. Repeat, about three times, until the ponytail sticks up through the top.
The completed and successful ponytail flip number one.
Divide the rest of the hair in half. Put the top half in an elastic band.
As before, split the hair above the elastic.
Flip the hair, from the bottom up, through the hole. Do this about three times until the hair sticks out.
Now, place your fingers between the two twists made form the second flip and pull the hair from the first flip through the hole.
The completed and successful second flip and pull-through.
Put all of the hair in a loose ponytail at the bottom. If you want to leave the ponytail like this, finish here. If not, continue.
Split the hair above the elastic.
Flip the hair through, but do it down through the top this time. Flip it two or three times, depending on how much you want it to twist and stick out.
If you want, add decorative bobby pins at each bump.

I had so much fun doing this hairstyle on my mom!

Baby Girl

Monday, October 5, 2020

Book Review: Daisy to the Rescue

Another book I like is Daisy to the Rescue by Jeff Campbell. This book is a great conglomeration of over fifty stories of animals saving lives, animals rescuing people, and animal myths. So many animals! The stories in this book happen at all different times, from very recently to 9/11. The book also has facts to back up the stories, explanations of why the rescues happened, and short stories to further shed light on the topic. But this book isn't all dogs! Parrots, pigs, dolphins, cats, even gorillas and wolves save lives!

I would recommend this book to animal lovers, pet owners, and wanna-be vets.  

Baby Girl

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Book Review: Misfits

 As you might know, I really like to read. Books, books, and more books. A suggestion to review books sparked my interest. I like books and I like to write. What could be better? So here's my first review. I've done it on Jen Calonita's fantasy series Royal Academy Rebels: Misfits.

The plot was fairly similar to her other series, Fairy Tale Reform School, but was overall an enjoyable book. I especially related to the main character because she likes animals and has a pet lizard. The plot had body, and the author's writing style is easy to understand. I was very happy to notice that she didn't have all of the princesses flouncing around in pink dresses and fantasizing about who their prince would be. The book did have a few confusing parts, though. The main character doesn't really seem to like dresses and skirts, nonetheless pink or purple, but she willingly asks for purple pants. Yes, I do understand that this isn't a vital part of the book. 

Overall, I would give this book five stars and recommend it to whoever trusts my judgement.

Baby Girl

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Paper Rose Craft

This paper rose craft makes a much more realistic one than bunching up tissue paper. To make it, you'll need three or four pages out of a magazine. Rip them out as close to the staples as possible. You'll also need scissors and tape.

Start by ripping the three neat edges of the papers off to create four rough edges.
Rip two or three of the papers into nine pieces each. I only used two. Make the pieces as neat as possible.
Take one of the ripped squares and bunch up one end until the piece is shaped like a petal. Tape the folds in place.
Repeat with all of the remaining petals. I made eighteen.
Grab two petals, preferably smaller ones, and tape them together. They shouldn't be on opposite sides of each other, they should overlap.
Keep adding more petals. You may need to add tape on the sides, too, if your petals fall backward.

Once you have used all your petals, check the shape. Rip more off the tops if any petals are too long.
Take your other sheet of paper and rip it in half the long way. Roll one half into a long tube. Cut three slits in the top of the tube. They should go down half to one inch. Spread the slits out and tape them to the bottom of the rose to create a stem. You could even add paper triangles for thorns.
If you like, take a small square from the remaining piece of paper and rip the top of it into strips. Roll the paper up and tape it into the center of the rose.
Make as many of these long-lasting flowers as you want! They make great gifts for teachers or parents, or they look amazing in a vintage Coke bottle collection. What are you going to do with your roses?

Baby Girl

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Two DIY Face Masks

Face masks are required for outdoor exercise and going in buildings, but what are you supposed to do if you need to buy more and have none to wear? Make one! You won't always have fabric or time to sew a new one, so here are two simple face masks made from household materials. I personally would only wear these out exercising, but if you really need it, you could totally wear these in a store.

The materials shown in the picture below are the basics of what you need for both face masks. Just scissors, rubber bands, and any type of tape. Or you could use staples.
To make the first one, grab a paper towel. I used a half-sheet, but if you have a larger face than a kid, you should use a full sheet. Fold the paper towel in half like shown.
Now carefully fold one end of the paper towel into an "M" shape. Make sure the fold is at the top. Tape or staple it in place.
Repeat on the other side. Make sure the M's face in the same direction, or it will be very uncomfortable and messy looking.
Tape or staple a rubber band to each side. Done!

This next face mask looks like it would be something from Star Wars. Take a paper plate and draw a circle around the inside edge.
Cut it out and size it on your face. Younger kids may need it cut smaller.
Looking in a mirror (Or without, if you're good), carefully trace lines on where the mask needs to bend.
Cut along the lines, then place the mask over your face. Use tape to keep it rounded over your nose and chin.
Tape or staple rubber bands in the middle edges of the mask. All done!

How could you customize the masks? Maybe you could draw on the plate or paper towel before you start making the mask? Or could you use colored tape? You could also use a mixture of these steps to make a coffee filter face mask. Nose pieces made from half a pipe cleaner, folded in half, can be added to the masks, too.

What does your mask look like? Tell me!

Baby Girl

Friday, July 31, 2020

DIY Temporary Tattoos

This is a simple way to make a temporary tattoo in any design you want. I only used one color per tattoo, but you can totally use more if you want to. All you'll need is an old sheet of stickers (or a piece of paper) and nail polish without bad chemicals. I used Jenna Hipp, but you could also use Piggy Paint. My Jenna Hipp set is a more neutral palette than the one pictured in the link, although I think the bright colors would work better.
 First, you need a stencil. If you already have one you like, skip ahead. To make the stencil, use an old sticker sheet with a large space at the top, or use a piece of paper. The paper option just won't stick to you. The color doesn't matter. Cut a square out of the large space, and fold the square in half if you want a mirrored pattern. Use a pen to draw your chosen design on the sticker.
 Cut your design out and unfold it. You just made a stencil!
 Place the stencil on your arm or wherever you want it to go. Make sure your clothes aren't going to get in the way.
 Take your chosen color or colors of nail polish and paint inside the stencil. Try not to go out of the stencil's edges.
Blow on the nail polish to make it dry faster. Piggy Paint dries a little faster than Jenna Hipp. Once the polish is dry, take the stencil off. Be careful not to rip it if you plan to keep it to use again later.

Wasn't that cool? Tell me what shape you used!

Baby Girl

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

My Favorite Things to Do During the Pandemic

With this pandemic still going strong, I've needed a lot of things to do and a lot of variety in them. I like to craft, read, and I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up, so my activities fall in those categories.

The first thing is a playset by Playmobil. It has a bunch of vet related trinkets for the lady. She comes with the stethoscope permanently in her ears, but I can't lose it that way. It also comes with a stack of books, a scalpel, tweezers, suture removal scissors, a needle, and a bunch of bottles and tubes and jars. The whole set comes in a nice case for carrying it in the car or wherever. The figures include a lady vet, a dog with a moving head, a puppy, and a cat with a scar that disappears and reappears.

The second thing is the Paint by Sticker: Travel book. It has twelve pages of thick paper that are brimming with numbered shapes. In the back of the book are sheets of stickers for filling in the outlines on the thick pages. The sticker sheets come with a small picture of the completed poster at the top, and I like to cut those out for another use.

Another book that I'm liking a lot is the American Girl Farm and Feast Book. It combines crafting and reading all in one! It's a great book because it tells you how to make produce from tissue paper. I used my leftover stock from the holidays and made my doll a whole farmer's market stand! I also like that it tells you how food comes from farms to your table. I made my doll a chicken, like the book showed, and it's so cute!

I hope you're keeping yourself entertained while you stay home. Tell me your favorite things to do around your house!

Baby Girl