Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gourmet S'mores Kit

Do you like S'mores?  Here are the directions to make a quick and easy S'mores kit.
First, gather up Flavored Cookies, Marshmallows, Different Chocolates, Caramels, Cookie Butter, and any other food you think would work.
Put the S'mores things in a container.  If you are taking it camping with you, then I would recommend a container with a lid.
Take your S'mores kit with you when you go camping for a better than Delicious treat!
You could also give a kit as a gift to somebody.
My favorite is gingerbread and caramel.
Dude's favorite is Cinnamon Graham and Dark Chocolate.
S'mores kit should be kept at room temperature.
Try other kits, such as snack kits & drink trays.
What would you put in a S'mores Kit?
Baby Girl

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