Friday, July 29, 2016

Adventures in Amsterdam

In April 2016 we got to visit Amsterdam.  We went to visit our aunt, uncle, and cousins.
Here are some of our favorite adventures.
There is so much to see here, that you could spend days looking at everything.
Van Gogh Museum
Be sure to do the scavenger hunt for kids.  You get a free postcard at the end.  Pick it up at a guest center desk.
Anne Frank House Museum
We got to see a video of Anne looking out a window!
Our Lord in the Attic Museum
This is a hidden church inside a house.  You have to wear funny slippers over your shoes.  We listened to a self guided audio tour.

NEMO Science Museum
Dude is pretending to use the force in the photo below.  Baby Girl is pretending she is an alien.  She is floating!  This was a fun stop!

National Maritime Museum
This was closed because of meetings while we were in Amsterdam.  But we saw the outside.

Canal Cruise
We got to explore the canals on a 2 hour tour.

Walking Around Amsterdam
We did lots of walking and our feet hurt!  The photo below is the palace.  Luckily, it didn't rain on us much.  It only rained one day.

Bikes In Amsterdam
There were whole bike parking lots and bike ramps.  Dude got to ride on the back of a bike.  Baby Girl got to ride in a basket on the front of a bike. xxx means Amsterdam.  The red sign says, "Amsterdam loves bikes."

Artis Royal Zoo
The monkey house you can walk inside the enclosure.  You could almost touch the monkeys (but that's against the rules).

The tube swing and the net swing were really fun.
Tun Fun is an indoor playground under the streets, it is built on an old roadbed.  It has a slide that goes straight down for 3/4 of it!  This picture is a playground outside the Rijksmuseum.
Flower Market
It smelled good and there were lots of pretty flowers.
Grocery Stores
Try the fresh squeezed orange juice.  Get some Dutch treats.
Zaanse Schans
We took a bus here.  We painted with chocolate.  We visited the first Albert Heijn's store (a grocery store).  We saw wooden shoes being made and bought small wooden shoes.  We ate Dutch pancakes.

There are lots of cheese stores (and Dude doesn't like cheese).  We had stroopwafels as big as our faces.  Try the waffles with Nutella (we ate them from a stand between the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum).  We had a traditional Indonesian Rijsttafel.  We tried bitterballen and kaasstengels with spring rolls.

Train, Trams, and Buses
We took a train to and from the airport.  We rode a tram in Amsterdam.  We rode a bus.  We rode bikes.  And we walked a ton.

We really liked going to Amsterdam, but we only got to stay a week.
Dude and Baby Girl

Mom Note: This is Dude and Baby Girl's mom.  We had an absolutely fabulous time visiting family in Amsterdam.  It's always fun to get cousins together.  I also got a fantastic deal on airplane tickets.  We flew WOW airlines to Amsterdam and while it had its bumps, it was too good of a deal to pass up.  You can find out about our flights and flying WOW on my blog.  If you ever get the chance to travel out of your country with kids, take it.  It's a wonderful adventure!  Gosh, even walking down your own street can be an adventure with children.  

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