Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to Make an Easy Wood and Concrete Bench

Here are the instructions on how to make an easy wood + concrete bench.


  • 4 standard cored concrete blocks
  • 2 solid cap concrete blocks
  • 6 concrete bricks
  • 2 large pavers
  • Large piece of wood to fit or pieces of wood cut to size
  • Stain or sealer for wood
  • Adhesive for concrete
We got all our concrete and paving materials at Lowes when they were having a 20% off sale.  We got the wood piece from Grandpa.  Our dad had the adhesive.  Our mom used a clear weather proof sealer on the wood.

Here, Dude and I are blowing dirt and dust off of the concrete.

Our dad used a special kind of glue to keep the concrete blocks together.
We pushed them down hard, so the glue would hold them together better.

We wiped off the glue that dripped out from pushing the blocks together.
We measured it so we would get the smaller blocks centered.
After we glued them, we saw if the board would fit.
Then we put the large, flat paving blocks down underneath the concrete blocks.  This is so the bench would have someplace to sit on and be sturdy.  Here are the front and the back.

Here is the finished bench. We leveled the ground where it was put.
We put the bench out near our mountain bike course.  It sits in the shade under some trees.
The wood isn't glued to the foundation, the small blocks hold it in.
The bench is placed near where we are planning to put a balance beam on the bike course.
What other types of benches can you make?

Baby Girl

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