Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Make Souvenir Smashed Penny Magnets

Do you have a lot of smashed pennies?  Here are the instructions on how to magnetize them.
First, gather up all your pennies.  (Or any you can find.)   
Find some magnetic tape strips.  Ours were from Wal-mart, they cost 97 cents.  They hold paper up well.
We sized the magnets on the back of the pennies and marked it with a pencil.  Our mom cut on the pencil line with scissors.
We stuck the magnets on to the back of the penny.
Cut off any excess magnet, if it shows over the sides.
Put the magnets up on any magnetic surface.  We put ours up on the white board in our school room.
Arrange them how you want.  
Use them to hold up your art work.
You can look at your vacation souvenirs anytime you want!
What will you do with your pennies?
To store your pennies before you use them: Put them in a container that they fit in, such as a Fizz bottle. They fit perfectly in that.  Stack two quarters with one penny and repeat until full.  Leave a little room at the top.  Decorate the bottle any way you want.  I used Disney stickers.
You can also store your smashed pennies in the container.
Do you collect smashed pennies?  What is your favorite one?  My personal favorite is Mickey Mouse digging in the dirt, the penny I got from The Land at Disney's Epcot.  Have fun!
Baby Girl

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