Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Make a Miniature Doll Macaroon out of Polymer Clay

Do you or a friend have a hungry doll?  Because these instructions give a doll something to eat with a little taste of Paris.


First, pick out your colors for the macaroon.  I chose dark blue for the outside and white for the filling.

Pull off a small amount of clay, it doesn't matter how much you get out because you can always put some back.  To condition clay, roll it into a snake, fold it in half and roll again.  Repeat this process until you think the clay is warm and moldy enough.  

Roll the clay into a ball and cut in half.

Flatten the halves into disks.

Get a pin or something with a small tip.  Pull a paperclip apart if you can't find anything small and sharp.

Use the small, sharp object to create texture and crumbs.

Use the same steps to make the white disk as you did for the blue disk.

Put it on one of the blue disks.

And put the other on top.

Push them together, but not too hard.

If you were paying attention, your finished macaroon should look like this.  You'll have to heat it up in the oven to harden it.  Follow the directions with your clay.

Just right for a hungry doll!

Here are the different views:

I like crafting other clay foods too!  Like this hamburger slider, ice Popsicle, strawberry, sandwich, and chocolate chip cookies.

What kind of doll food would you make?
I got the Sculpey Oven Bake Clay Studio Kit as a gift from grandparents.  It's really fun!

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