Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Make A Halloween Wreath

Would you rather play with real spiders or fake spiders?  You can use fake spiders to make a fantastic Halloween wreath.  Here's how I made mine.
Gather your materials.  I used:

  • Pine cones of various sizes (lots and lots of big and small ones)
  • Circular form (I used a metal one covered in pipe cleaners)
  • Hot glue (with parent help)
  • Spiders (I got mine from WalMart)
  • Stick

Find pine cones that a fit on your form.  Have an adult help to hot glue them on.
To make fake spiderwebs, add dabs of hot glue and use the stick to pull it across the middle.
Continue placing fake spiderwebs as your adult puts on hot glue and pine cones.
Fill in empty looking places with more pinecones.
Here's what the wreath looks like before the spiders go on.  Doesn't it look like it has spider webs on it?
I used stretchy spiders on my wreath.  They are fun to play with.
I hooked the spiders on the pine cones.
Place them how you want to.
Here's my finished wreath.
Fun science fact:  Wet pine cones close up to protect the seeds.  Dry pine cones open up.  See the difference between the wet one and the dry one?
How do you decorate for fall or Halloween?

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