Thursday, December 8, 2016

How To Make a DIY Plastic Bag for Your Doll

Does your doll have trouble taking her lunches to school?  Help her fix that problem by making her a plastic bag.  You can find something for her lunch on my How To Make a Doll Macaroon post.

The materials you will need are: Plastic wrap, chalk, scissors, tape, and a ruler. (You may also want a place mat so the scissors don't wreck the table.)
Cut a piece of plastic wrap and mark it every four inches with the chalk.  If there's five inches left after you've cut it all, just use that.
Fold each piece in half and tape them together to make three bags.
If you like, you can use markers to draw lines and cover them with tape.
Now your doll has a place she can pack her lunch!

What crafts do you make for your doll?
Baby Girl

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