Thursday, October 12, 2017

Grow A Frog Kit Review

We got Squirmy, an African Clawed Frog, in a tiny box with a Grow a Frog Kit in October of  2015.  She came in the package with a one gallon plastic tank, but a year ago we gave her a five gallon glass tank.  Squirmy spends her days swimming around and eating.

Your frog may look hungry all the time, but it probably only needs to be fed every one or two days.  Our frog likes Reptotreat dried shrimp for treats, but her main food is Reptomin sinking granules and floating food sticks.  If algae starts building up on the sides of your frog's tank, get a few snails (the snails will multiply, so get only 2 to 3) or clean off the walls with a strong kitchen scraper and water-proof gloves. We don't use filtration on our tank.


Watch a video we made with Squirmy at YouTube or view below:

Baby Girl's Observations
Our frog lives in a five gallon tank with a ton of tiny snails and a large Bamboo shrimp.  She enjoys playing in the green water plant, kicking the glass in the bottom of her tank, swimming through the red arch, and standing on the miniature castle.  Another of her favorite activities is knocking baby snails off the wall.

Squirmy's olive green skin blends in nicely with the small patches of algae on random objects around her tank.  She likes to use her delicate lime-green webbies to propel her through the water.  She normally uses her mouth to breathe, but sometimes it's used to eat her favorite food: FINGERS.  One of her most favored activities is eating the tip of your finger, or really anything that she can get her mouth on.

Squirmy doesn't want a roommate that's any bigger than your thumbnail and she's made it clear.  Over the past year or two, we have tried putting in fish to clean out Squirmy's tank.  She killed (she doesn't have teeth so she can't eat them) every fish except one, which mysteriously disappeared.  After all that mayhem, we decided we would try snails.  For the first time besides shrimp, Squirmy didn't eat them.  At least, not too many.

Squirmy's food sources (fingers, fish, snails, etc.) might not be the best, but she's a really nice frog.  If you want to pet her she normally won't try to eat your fingers, and she has learned to clap.  She will watch you clap from inside the tank and will eventually catch on.  She may or may not like clapping, but she always depends on one thing: a dried shrimp afterwards. 

Dude's Observations
Squirmy, a African clawed frog, lives in a five gallon glass tank (the kit will come with a one gallon plastic tank but the frog will outgrow it fast.). Tiny snails and a bamboo shrimp keep the walls of the tank and any fish castles or other decorations clean. We do not recommend fish to clean the tank because they will most likely to become frog chow. We learned that the hard way.

Squirmy eats a variety of things including, reptile sticks, turtle and frog pellets, dried shrimp, and even beta food, but her favorite thing to eat of all time is... fingers! She likes to wait at the bottom of the tank waiting to jump up and nibble on unwary fingers. When she was a tadpole she ate a food that dissolves in the water. Now that she is all grown up she will eat pretty much anything.

You can often find Squirmy rooting around in the marbles at the floor of the tank or climbing fish castles. Her favorite thing to do is to eat and her second favorite thing to do is to bob. She likes to swim from the bottom of the tank to the top and back down and up and down and up and down etc.    She can bob very fast.

Squirmy's talents are clapping and swimming very fast. To get her to clap you have to walk up to the tank, get at Squirmy's eye level and start to clap, it might be a little while till she actually claps. She some times swims so fast she doesn't take counter of where she is and bumps into stuff or gets stuck in the hole in the rock arch.

Are you thinking of getting a frog?

Dude and Baby Girl


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