Friday, October 12, 2018

Fi - Dos and Don'ts

Fi - Do #1

Cuddle with your dog regularly.  He might even cuddle back.

Fi - Don't #1

Never leave your dog at the door, just waiting to come in.  He may need a nap.

Fi-Do #2

Always remember to include your dog in pictures.  Be sure to remember before, though.

Fi - Don't #2

When you're playing with your dog, watch him carefully.  He doesn't know being the next Houdini won't be easy.

Fi - Don't #3

Never put real makeup on your dog.  If he's a boy he'll feel even worse than itchy.  It's okay to do it with a picture on editing programs, your dog shouldn't mind.

How do you have fun with your pets? 

Baby Girl

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