Thursday, April 18, 2019

DIY Stress Ball

This project is so easy to make and so fun to play with.  I'm going to call it a toad ball, but that story is for later.  To make your toad ball you'll need:

  • A balloon in a light color ( I used yellow, but you can use any light color.)
  • A bottle with a small opening ( I used a running pack's bottle.)
  • Chia seeds 
  • A funnel that fits into your bottle's opening
  • A 1 cup measuring cup

Scoop out about a cup of chia seeds with the measuring cup.  Place the funnel in the mouth of your bottle.  Slowly dump the chia seeds into the funnel so they pour into the bottle.  Let all of the seeds fall into the bottle, then remove the funnel.

Inflate the balloon slightly.  It shouldn't be too big, but it has to be big enough to hold the chia seeds.

You may need someone to help you with this step.  Firmly hold the neck of the balloon shut so that air does not escape.  Open the hole of the balloon and carefully fit it around the neck of the bottle.  Take your fingers off the balloon's neck.

Grasp the area where the neck of the balloon overlaps the bottle's opening.  Flip the bottle and allow all of the chia seeds to fall into the balloon.

Pinching the balloon shut, remove it from the bottle and slightly release pressure on the balloon to allow the air to escape.  Firmly tie a knot, and cut off the excess if you want a neater look.  You could also decorate it with permanent markers.

Here's what a toad ball is.  Squeeze the ball between your fingers, and it "grows" black and white toad bumps!

This toad ball will help relieve stress, calm the body, and improve focus.  Who could say no to all those things wrapped in fun?

Tell me what you did to your toad ball!

Baby Girl

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