Monday, February 3, 2020

How to Think Like a Dog

Dogs know how to live the good life. They mostly eat, drink, and sleep. Follow their example, and you'll be living the good life too. (This post is approved by our dog.)
Dog way #1: Sit on people when you rest or nap. They're a lot comfier than wood or tile.
Dog way #2: Wear only non-ridiculous clothes that humans dress you up in. Shake it off if it's unacceptable. Always wear sunglasses when you're laying in the sun.
Dog way #3: Show off your bedhead when you're staying home all day. If you're going for a car ride though, groom yourself.
Dog way #4: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Conserve your energy for playing with other dogs or humans. Sleeping also recharges your batteries.
Dog way #5: Sleep with a buddy, whether it be another dog or a favorite toy. They'll keep you warm and give you sweet dreams.
Our dog suggests these ideas, but other dogs can help you find more dog ways!

Tell me your favorite dog way!

Baby Girl 

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