Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Our Favorite Books

This post uses pictures from some of our other book review posts, but mostly because I'm updating our favorite book opinions.
Dude isn't interested in Percy Jackson anymore, but he likes the book Jinx's Magic. Baby Girl (Me!) likes the Wings of Fire books. I've read the first twelve books two times each!
Dude still likes Fox Trot and Garfield, but Baby Blues comic books are high on my list.
I still like National Geographic Kids, but Dude doesn't receive LEGO Club anymore.
I'm the only one of us two who still likes to break out the little kid books, and all of the ones pictured above and below are still often read.
Fly Guy books are still fun to read too, because the drawings are always cool to look at.
Dude hasn't read this book in a while, but he enjoys books like My Side of the Mountain.

We still love reading as much as we used to, we just enjoy different books now.

What are your favorite books?

Baby Girl

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