Friday, May 15, 2020

My Favorite Planner Tools

(Although this post has no pictures, the links bring up quite a few pictures and reviews of each product. All links go directly to Amazon.)
This blog is devoted solely to one of my favorite things: planners! Unfortunately, I get a different planner every year, so I really can't say which one was my favorite, but I have a lot of favorite planner "tools".

One of my favorite brands of pens is Paper Mate. I use the Flair .07 mm pens, but there are other fun varieties you might like to try. I like the Flair pens because they have so many bright colors, and, although they slightly leave marks on both sides of thin paper, they don't stain the surface underneath.

I use Student Planner Stickers in my planner, and I love them! One review mentioned that they printed crooked, but mine are perfect. I love all of the colorful and fun designs; I also like the fact that they could works in a boys' planner. There were all sorts of colors and designs.

For Mother's day this year, I got my mom the Busy Mom planner stickers by Denise Albright. My mom loves them. I was worried when I ordered them because a bad review said they printed wrong, but our mom's were printed correctly.

Other pens I like to use are the Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens. They are pretty good pens, although sometimes the pens randomly don't write for a little while. Other than that, they are amazing pens! The erasers work amazingly well, and I recently found out that heat erases the ink and cold brings it back.

What do you use for your planner? Tell me!

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