Monday, June 29, 2020

DIY Doll Braces

I know many people who have or had braces. If they want braces for their doll, American Girl is the only place to look. The only problem with the set was that it was just too pricey for anyone who was looking for a cheap mouth fixer for their doll. Hand-making braces is a simple and free alternative.
Before you make the braces, you need to collect some simple items. You probably already have them:
  • A sheet of stickers with enough space between the stickers for the doll's mouth
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors
I used the leftover sheets from a Paint by Sticker book to make my doll braces.

Take the sticker sheet and find a large gap between stickers. Hold the sheet up to your doll's mouth and trace the shape of the opening using your fingernail or the bottom edge of a pen. Once you have the shape of her mouth etched into the sticker sheet, draw the outline of the braces on it. Draw two dots near the middle and connect them with a line. Add one line curving up to the edge of the mouth on one side. Copy on the other side.

Now comes the hardest part. Take the scissors and carefully cut around the braces. If you're worried about taking them off, add a small rectangle attached to the braces. Once you've cut the braces out completely, fold the rectangle in half to form a tab. Stick the braces on your doll's teeth and tell her to wear them proudly!

Did you make braces for your doll? Did you use a colored pen for colored bands? Tell me!

Baby Girl

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