Friday, July 31, 2020

DIY Temporary Tattoos

This is a simple way to make a temporary tattoo in any design you want. I only used one color per tattoo, but you can totally use more if you want to. All you'll need is an old sheet of stickers (or a piece of paper) and nail polish without bad chemicals. I used Jenna Hipp, but you could also use Piggy Paint. My Jenna Hipp set is a more neutral palette than the one pictured in the link, although I think the bright colors would work better.
 First, you need a stencil. If you already have one you like, skip ahead. To make the stencil, use an old sticker sheet with a large space at the top, or use a piece of paper. The paper option just won't stick to you. The color doesn't matter. Cut a square out of the large space, and fold the square in half if you want a mirrored pattern. Use a pen to draw your chosen design on the sticker.
 Cut your design out and unfold it. You just made a stencil!
 Place the stencil on your arm or wherever you want it to go. Make sure your clothes aren't going to get in the way.
 Take your chosen color or colors of nail polish and paint inside the stencil. Try not to go out of the stencil's edges.
Blow on the nail polish to make it dry faster. Piggy Paint dries a little faster than Jenna Hipp. Once the polish is dry, take the stencil off. Be careful not to rip it if you plan to keep it to use again later.

Wasn't that cool? Tell me what shape you used!

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