Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Book Review: Misfits

 As you might know, I really like to read. Books, books, and more books. A suggestion to review books sparked my interest. I like books and I like to write. What could be better? So here's my first review. I've done it on Jen Calonita's fantasy series Royal Academy Rebels: Misfits.

The plot was fairly similar to her other series, Fairy Tale Reform School, but was overall an enjoyable book. I especially related to the main character because she likes animals and has a pet lizard (I don't, but...). The plot had body, and the author's writing style is easy to understand. I was very happy to notice that she didn't have all of the princesses flouncing around in pink dresses and fantasizing about who their prince would be. The book did have a few confusing parts, though. The main character doesn't really seem to like dresses and skirts, nonetheless pink or purple, but she willingly asks for purple pants. Yes, I do understand that this isn't a vital part of the book. 

Overall, I would give this book five stars and recommend it to whoever trusts my judgement.

Baby Girl

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