Sunday, September 27, 2020

Paper Rose Craft

This paper rose craft makes a much more realistic one than bunching up tissue paper. To make it, you'll need three or four pages out of a magazine. Rip them out as close to the staples as possible. You'll also need scissors and tape.

Start by ripping the three neat edges of the papers off to create four rough edges.
Rip two or three of the papers into nine pieces each. I only used two. Make the pieces as neat as possible.
Take one of the ripped squares and bunch up one end until the piece is shaped like a petal. Tape the folds in place.
Repeat with all of the remaining petals. I made eighteen.
Grab two petals, preferably smaller ones, and tape them together. They shouldn't be on opposite sides of each other, they should overlap.
Keep adding more petals. You may need to add tape on the sides, too, if your petals fall backward.

Once you have used all your petals, check the shape. Rip more off the tops if any petals are too long.
Take your other sheet of paper and rip it in half the long way. Roll one half into a long tube. Cut three slits in the top of the tube. They should go down half to one inch. Spread the slits out and tape them to the bottom of the rose to create a stem. You could even add paper triangles for thorns.
If you like, take a small square from the remaining piece of paper and rip the top of it into strips. Roll the paper up and tape it into the center of the rose.
Make as many of these long-lasting flowers as you want! They make great gifts for teachers or parents, or they look amazing in a vintage Coke bottle collection. What are you going to do with your roses?

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