Saturday, September 5, 2020

Two DIY Face Masks

Face masks are required for outdoor exercise and going in buildings, but what are you supposed to do if you need to buy more and have none to wear? Make one! You won't always have fabric or time to sew a new one, so here are two simple face masks made from household materials. I personally would only wear these out exercising, but if you really need it, you could totally wear these in a store.

The materials shown in the picture below are the basics of what you need for both face masks. Just scissors, rubber bands, and any type of tape. Or you could use staples.
To make the first one, grab a paper towel. I used a half-sheet, but if you have a larger face than a kid, you should use a full sheet. Fold the paper towel in half like shown.
Now carefully fold one end of the paper towel into an "M" shape. Make sure the fold is at the top. Tape or staple it in place.
Repeat on the other side. Make sure the M's face in the same direction, or it will be very uncomfortable and messy looking.
Tape or staple a rubber band to each side. Done!

This next face mask looks like it would be something from Star Wars. Take a paper plate and draw a circle around the inside edge.
Cut it out and size it on your face. Younger kids may need it cut smaller.
Looking in a mirror (Or without, if you're good), carefully trace lines on where the mask needs to bend.
Cut along the lines, then place the mask over your face. Use tape to keep it rounded over your nose and chin.
Tape or staple rubber bands in the middle edges of the mask. All done!

How could you customize the masks? Maybe you could draw on the plate or paper towel before you start making the mask? Or could you use colored tape? You could also use a mixture of these steps to make a coffee filter face mask. Nose pieces made from half a pipe cleaner, folded in half, can be added to the masks, too.

What does your mask look like? Tell me!

Baby Girl

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