Monday, December 23, 2019

Creating a Lego World

If you've been wondering how to professionally (Or at least kinda professionally) set up and photoshop your Lego pictures, this is the post for you. My pictures are based on fairy tales, but yours can be on anything you want.

The picture below is based on Red Riding Hood. To get the "magical" forest appearance, I used brown pieces, greenery, flowers, and random colorful round pieces. I created the path with gray studs. The background and foreground were made from colored construction paper.
The picture below is from Jack and the Beanstalk. The house in the background is from our How to Make a Lego Forest Cottage post. The beanstalk is made from large green pieces in behind a small farm (made from carrot tops and green pieces with round holes). Construction paper was used in every photo for the back/foregrounds.
Can you guess this one? The Lord of the Rings! The figures are from a Hobbit Lego set, and the wall is simply black and gray Lego pieces.
This one is either the princess from Brave, Cinderella, or Snow White. I couldn't get it right because I didn't have the torso or skirt that seemed right. The cottage is from a big box of Lego bricks I got as a gift, the bears and hair on the princess are from a Brave Lego set,  and the dress pieces are from various princess sets.
As you can see, we used a light to get the mood for this photo just right. This is based off of the Hobbit book series, with a Hobbit Lego set. Both can be browsed through the links in the Lord of the Rings photo. Notice how the Lego figures outside the house are lower than the figure inside, so you can still see him.
This one is obviously Ariel, or The Little Mermaid. We kept this one simple, with only the bare elements. The only things we used were the princess, a tan pad, Lego junk, and a sea star.
Thanks for reading my post on how to create a Lego world! I had so much fun writing this and playing with my Legos. I hope you have fun making your own Lego scenes and pictures!

Did you make a really cool Lego picture? I'd love to see it!

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