Sunday, July 19, 2020

Asthma and Allergy Kit: Allergy Pills and Tissues

I finally got to finishing this post! The allergy pills and tissues were really so easy.
For the allergy pills, I simply made a small paper label and taped it to a doll-sized medicine bottle. The bottle was originally a dog vitamin bottle from a vet set.
The tissue box was also simple. I just drew a "t" shape with 1-inch squares on a piece of paper, decorated it, and cut it out. I added a slit in one of the squares so my doll could pull the tissues out. I taped the box together and stuffed it with a tissue cut into small squares. Make sure to pull one through the top!
To make sure my doll was ready for everything, I put her EpiPen, inhaler, allergy pills, and tissues in her bag. She also needs a phone, journal, pen, snack, and hand sanitizer.
If your doll has a big bag, make sure she also packs a small container of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses!

Put her allergy alert bracelet on her wrist, and she's ready to go! The allergy pills and tissues would also work well for a doll pharmacy.

Where did your doll go with her asthma and allergy kit? Tell me!

Baby Girl 

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