Friday, December 23, 2022

DIY Stuffed Animal NG/NJ Tube

Medical stuffies are becoming a big thing lately, and for good reason! Many people have medical devices that they need, and having a stuffed animal or doll that shares those devices helps them feel less alone! Unfortunately, these medical stuffies are still rather difficult to find, so here I have a quick tutorial on how to make your stuffed animal a DIY NG/NJ tube!

For people who don't know what those are, nasogastric/ nasojejunal tubes go directly to the stomach or jejunum for people who can't eat or digest food properly. These tubes go from the nose and down the esophagus to their destination to deliver food and nutrition.

Ok, now let's get making!

For the tube, you'll need a length of string (preferably thick, round string. Plastic friendship bracelet string is highly recommended), a triangular bead with a large hole (so you can fit the tip of a syringe into it), and some stickers or paper and double-sided tape. You'll also need glue; hot glue would work best.

To start, measure the string against your stuffed animal and cut it to a proper length. Measure from the nose, up the cheek, and then down to about the tip of the paw/hand for a good length. Add about an inch and then cut. To insert the tube into the nose, either find a seam near the nose, cut a small hole, or carefully insert the tip under the stitches if the nose is embroidered like my bear's is. Use thin tweezers to place the tube in the seam, slit, or under the embroidery. Tie a knot in the other end of the string and carefully glue it into the smaller end of the triangular bead. Look at the pictures for reference if you need to.

For tubie tape, you have a few options. You could simply stick the tube to the cheek with a sticker, or you could cut a rounded rectangle from paper and use double stick tape to attach it like I mentioned with the sticker. I used a wrapping paper scrap for festivity.

To "feed" your tubie pal, simply insert a syringe into the open end of the triangular bead. Don't put anything into the syringe! That would make a huge mess and most likely ruin your stuffie. 

Your tubie pal is done!
If you want more medical stuffie DIYs, drop a comment and let me know!

Baby Girl

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