Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Girl's Blue Ribbon Sourdough Bread Recipe

Do you like cooking?  Or making bread?   If you do, this bread is just right for you.
This bread is really easy to bake.  We used King Arthur Flour in the bread and got the sourdough starter recipe from the King Arthur website.
The bread won FIRST place in the state fair!  (Also including it as the best bread in the state!)  The recipe is below.
Do you have a favorite flavor of bread?

Baby Girl

Mom Note:  We made sourdough starter as part of a science lab over a year ago.  We just followed the directions on the King Arthur site and we keep the sourdough in the refrigerator between uses.  I often make the King Arthur sourdough waffles with the discard when I need to feed the sourdough starter.  Baby Girl made changes to the sourdough recipe that I typically make, so she can call this bread one of her original creations!

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