Thursday, November 10, 2016

Make a LEGO Tree

Have you ever wanted to build a Lego tree? Here are the instructions for one I made.

Here are the pieces you will need.
Use two 1x4s and place the in an upside down L. Place a 1x2 in between the 1x4s.  
Put in four arch pieces, each facing a different direction.
Place a 1x2 slope on two of the arches.
Put another 1x2 slope on top of the other one and place a normal 1x2 next to the slopes.
Get two leaves and place one on each arch.
Now grab the last two leaves and place each one on its own arch. The tree should look like this when it is done.
If you want to, you can add more trees, flowers, bushes, hills, and ponds.
What type of landscape will you make and what changes could you make to the tree?


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