Saturday, October 17, 2020

Easy Flip Ponytail

 This time around I'm going to show you how to do a hard-looking, easy-to-do ponytail. (Sorry, the pictures are sideways.)

Start by brushing the hair until it is mostly snag-free. Longer hair works best for this style.
Take a portion of hair from the top of the head and put a hair elastic around it.
Split the hair above the elastic into two equal sections.
Push the ponytail from the bottom up through the hole. Repeat, about three times, until the ponytail sticks up through the top.
The completed and successful ponytail flip number one.
Divide the rest of the hair in half. Put the top half in an elastic band.
As before, split the hair above the elastic.
Flip the hair, from the bottom up, through the hole. Do this about three times until the hair sticks out.
Now, place your fingers between the two twists made form the second flip and pull the hair from the first flip through the hole.
The completed and successful second flip and pull-through.
Put all of the hair in a loose ponytail at the bottom. If you want to leave the ponytail like this, finish here. If not, continue.
Split the hair above the elastic.
Flip the hair through, but do it down through the top this time. Flip it two or three times, depending on how much you want it to twist and stick out.
If you want, add decorative bobby pins at each bump.

I had so much fun doing this hairstyle on my mom!

Baby Girl

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