Friday, November 6, 2020

Five Uses for Rocks

 Rocks. You can find them almost anywhere (Including Amazon! Seriously! You have to check it out.), and they come in a lot of shapes. The preferred shape for these is round and smooth, but you could try a rough rectangular one. One thing these all have in common is a single step: wash the rock before you use it. This is very important, because you don't who did what on those rocks. Bird poo can carry disease.

Use number one: Pet rocks. No, not putting the rock in a dollhouse and covering it with a blanket. This is actually painting and drawing a pet on a rock. Paint a base layer and let it dry. Next, use a pencil to draw the shape of a pet (Maybe even your real one). I drew a cat. Color your shape in with paint or markers that have good coloring and dry on paint, like Sharpies. Let dry.

Use number two: Inspiration. Whether you're an artist or author or a kid trying to make up a story, these are great. Any picture or shape works; just brush a layer of glue on the rock, stick on the chosen item, and brush more glue over it. I've done quite a few with paper, but I did a lizard with fabric here.
Use number three: Gifting. Rocks alone might be an underwhelming gift (Just an opinion!), but a small rock glued to a gift tag or placed in a coffee mug (Make sure it's empty first) is a great way to brighten someone's day. Simply draw right on the rock with markers or paint.
Use number four: Organization and storage. A great place to store rubber bands or hair elastics is on a rock. It not only looks pretty, it's a functional means of storage.
Use number five: A paperweight. Now, you might be thinking why on Earth do I need a paperweight? What is this, the nineteenth century? No, it's not the nineteenth century. Sometimes windows are open when it gets windy, and papers have a tendency to flutter all over the room before landing in the dog's water bowl. A paperweight is a simple solution to that problem. Simply create a paper flower (It doesn't have to like mine) and glue it to the rock. Use glitter glue to create a mandala next to the flower.
You can use your rocks as suggested, but you can also display them inside, share them, glue them to posts and stick them in pots, make small ones for rings or magnets, or place them outside. If using them outside always seal them first. If you don't use a proper waterproof sealer, your lovely designs will wash away when they get wet.
I hope you had fun decorating your rocks! If you find another use you like, tell me!

Baby Girl

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